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HOUSE Stone house on Pelješac - Orebić area

Bilopolje, Orebić

For sale

Price on request

Property Description

We exclusively present a beautiful stone house above Orebić on Pelješac. An exceptional example of traditional Dalmatian architecture, which exudes charm and authenticity. Situated on the slopes of hill St. Ilija with stunning views of the sea and the island of Korčula, this house represents a blend of history and comfort.

The ground floor, first floor, and attic of the house make 500 sqm of residential space. Currently divided into two units, both for sale.

Behind the house, there is a typical Dalmatian tavern, a traditional space for storing food and wine.

In 1993, the roof of the entire house was renovated, with partial reconstruction of the western half.

One of the most impressive parts of this house is the beautiful terrace that spreads along the entire property. From the terrace, there is a spectacular open view of the sea and the island of Korčula, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation and enjoying nature.

The property's grounds are surrounded by spacious vineyards, further enriching the environment. The vineyards not only add aesthetic value but also provide the opportunity for growing local grape varieties, making this place even more authentic and appealing.

This property represents an excellent investment opportunity for business ventures such as a tavern/restaurant and boutique hotel, enriched with additional amenities that make guests' stay an unforgettable experience.

The space on the ground floor, first floor, and attic can be transformed into a boutique hotel with exclusive accommodation. Comfortable rooms or apartments with modern amenities are offered here, along with preserved traditional elements that exude the charm of the past.

The beautiful terrace with an open view of the sea is an ideal venue for events such as romantic dinners or weddings, further enhancing the offering of this business space.

The property's grounds with spacious vineyards contribute to the overall experience, providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy local wine varieties and an authentic rural environment.

Investing in the Captain's House above Orebić on Pelješac not only offers the possibility of profitable business in the tourism sector but also enables the preservation and promotion of the region's rich cultural heritage. With its unique charm and spectacular views, this house promises an unforgettable stay for all its visitors.

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Contact Agent

Vinka Grošeta

+385 92 367 3790

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Ground floor+1st+Attic

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